Leveling the Playing Field

Law School grades impact everything from academic honors to future career opportunities. Some students – either through involvement in student organizations, personal relationships, or just luck – have access to significantly more outlines than others. Having access to multiple, well-developed outlines gives students a tremendous advantage in making sense of the course material, constructing their own outline, and preparing for exams. Class performance should not be influenced so significantly by an informational advantage. While the best outlines in the world will not help a poor student outshine a good student, outlines are critical study tools and, to the extent possible, everyone should begin their classes on a level playing field. This website was created with that goal in mind and will (hopefully) make Boston College Law School just a little less stressful.

With Routline, you now have access to 1688 high-quality, comprehensive outlines, ensuring every student has the resources they need to succeed.


Downloading Outlines from Routline

Routline operates by using a dual credit system. 

1L Outline Credits: 1L Credits can only be used to download outlines for 1L Core Courses (Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Property, Constitutional Law). Each 1L receives 10 completely free credits upon registration. One 1L credit = one 1L download. If you need more, just email us. We’re happy to refill 1L Credits whenever you need (within reason)! 

2L/3L Outline Credits: 2L/3L Credits can be used to download outlines for all 2L/3L courses. They operate on a give-one-get-one basis. Once an outline is uploaded and approved, you will receive 2L/3L credits to download 2L/3L outlines. One 2L/3L credit = one 2L/3L download. All unique outlines (for any class, whether it’s a 1L outline or otherwise) are accepted for review and 2L/3L credit.

Please consider sharing your Boston College Law outlines with us. In addition to helping future generations of BC Law students, you will receive credit to download 2L/3L outlines! All outlines are extremely appreciated and will ensure the survival of this outline bank.



Your credentials will always remain 100% private. The only times we will email you is at the end of Fall and Spring semesters to kindly request any outlines that you might be willing to share with us.



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Created By

This outline bank was created by 2L Roman Gorokhov in Fall 2019, when he probably should have been studying for his Corporations exam.